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In any industry, there will always be more people interested in being paid than doing work. For real estate, this is doubly true.

Homebird is a workforce you can always count on. We are focused on working honestly and honestly representing our work, and that work is to ensure that our real estate network does the same.

With Homebird, intangible things begin to have quantity. The work that goes into a real estate transaction can be seen and evaluated in real time. This invaluable transparency is a product created by integrity, facilitated by honest Homebird coordinators.

Have Fun

Enthusiasm is an infectious quality, and one of the most valuable assets a homebuyer can have. Buying a home can be an alienating process. An average homebuyer is nervous, but also excited. A coordinator’s personal touch can mean the difference between a positive and negative experience, and the tool which engineers this change is enthusiasm.

The staff of Homebird is enthusiastic, and we stay enthusiastic by having fun. There is an understanding, here, that no one is doing anyone any favors by being chained to a desk. We can exhibit personal responsibility for our work while still maintaining the indomitable spirit and excitement that our clients will need to successfully buy a home.

Have Passion

There is a decided difference between a group of good employees and a good company. The staff at Homebird does not come to work just to do a job. We understand that we are building something, here, and that our value extends further than a single job description. Every day, we find ways to get better at what we do, and this constant development is fueled by our passion for the work. The best ideas and the proudest work comes from a person who sincerely cares. Each member of this company continues to care about Homebird when they leave the office, and we will greet the start of each day with new ideas and a desire to improve. Without passion, it is too easy to be adequate. It is too easy to be stagnant; just standing water. At Homebird, we are the current that moves the sea.

Make a Difference

We are here to increase quality of life. It is the motivation behind every action we take, and this principle shared in kind is what has united the group of individuals which forms this company. We seek to improve every day for our clients, lending partners and each other by contributing something valuable, in any way we can.

We can accomplish this by recognizing the value in people, and helping to bring out the best in one another. We encourage the contributions and feedback of everyone we involve in our business, and from that we have constructed a base of experience that focuses on dynamic problem solving and customer service solutions to better suit our clients’ needs.

This attitude goes much further than our work in the office. Homebird is focused on not only making a difference with our direct day-to-day business dealings, but also as a positive force in the community, where our efforts to give back to our veterans and the disadvantaged are just as much a focus in the greater world as they are in our business dealings. Charity starts at home, but it also comes into the office with us, where making a difference is not the goal of our work, but our way of life.


Contentedness is the enemy of progress. We are happy, but we are not content. We at Homebird think critically, because even the best things can always improve. Every day, new challenges present themselves, and every day we work to encounter the changing world with fresh perspectives and new ideas. Our focus is and has always been on growth, and presenting a dynamic approach to change. Because is always poised to improve and adapt, Homebird will always be the best option in the industry.